Julie Coleman is an author and speaker who helps people encounter the unexpected sides of God. Her encouraging message will help you:

  • Move from a guilt-based relationship with God to approaching Him with confidence.
  • Get off the treadmill of performance and enjoy God’s permanent approval.
  • Develop an increasingly vibrant, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

    There's so more to God than we think. Are you ready for the unexpected?

    Recent from Julie's Blog

    Mommy Guilt

    This article of mine was on Arise Daily this morning. If you have ever felt guilty about your parenting, this one’s for you! by Julie Coleman When you are a mother, guilt is a state of being. I personally am plagued with guilt every time I stop and think about my effectiveness as a mother.…

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    The Weak Christian

    Hear the inspiring story of how the powerless became powerful. God used a left-handed judge to change the course of history for a generation. That same power source in available to us today! Learn how to tap in and be a powerful force in God’s kingdom! This message was given at New Hope Chapel on…

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    Observation: Job One in the Bible Study Process

    There are three basic steps to hermeneutics (interpretation of Scripture) that should be followed in order to find the intended meaning in a passage: observation, interpretation, and application. The first step is always observation. It is our human tendency to give something a good read, then jump right to the second step. But when we…

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