Julie Coleman is an author and speaker who helps people encounter the unexpected sides of God. Her encouraging message will help you:

  • Move from a guilt-based relationship with God to approaching Him with confidence.
  • Get off the treadmill of performance and enjoy God’s permanent approval.
  • Develop an increasingly vibrant, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

    There's so more to God than we think. Are you ready for the unexpected?

    From Dogwood Digest


    Recipe for Success

    As a young bride, I determined to be an excellent cook. I collected and experimented with recipes from my mother, magazines, and potluck dinners. There were a few disasters early on: my husband still remembers with fondness a certain tuna casserole we had to choke down. But over the years I learned enough to eventually […]

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    Progress, Not Perfection

    He was a powerhouse of a child, filled with energy, brains, and confidence: a little too much for his second grade self to handle at times. One morning he stepped on my last nerve. And I lost my temper. It was more than unprofessional. It was damaging. Imagine being seven years old and having your […]

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    rosey grier

    The Best Kind of Role Model

    My friend, author Kathi Mascias, recently told a story about Rosey Grier, the former NFL Probowl defensive tackle. She wrote: “A mountain of a man with a heart of gold, he was always aware of being in the public eye. He once spoke to a group of NFL recruits about this very topic, and one of […]

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    Kaleidoscope Perspective

    I’ve attended approximately one million writing workshops in the past decade, and one frequent piece of instruction for devotional writers has always caused me to shudder. “Start with a good story,” writers are told. “Then find a verse in the Bible to apply to it.” Lots of writers follow this advice. The results are troubling. […]

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    Accepting the Mystery

    We had just finished an intense theology class, where our most excellent professor had outlined a systematic presentation of Calvin’s teachings. (My seminary had teachers on both ends of the predestination question.) As several of us from the previous class filed into the next on Pauline Epistles, one of my classmates called over to me. […]

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    With All Your Heart

    At the moment Bill caught his first glimpse of my best friend Beth, he was a goner. On their second date, the young Air Force officer made an early declaration: he loved her. But rather than the response for which he hoped, Beth merely rolled her eyes. “You don’t even know my middle name,” she […]

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