Unexpected Love


They approached Jesus with something they wanted. They left with more than they could have imagined.

He was crazy about women.

How would you characterize Jesus in his interactions with women? Gracious? Preachy? Aloof? Kind? Dismissive?

Unexpected Love is an essential read for anyone eager to understand Jesus Christ’s true heart for women. We ache for a satisfying relationship with him and crave his healing touch. So did the women of the first century. Each approached him with something they wanted. They left with more than they could have imagined.

Writer and teacher Julie Coleman carefully walks readers through the gospel narratives, offering evidence of a perceptive Savior deeply concerned about the women he met. Through vivid descriptions, thoughtful questions, and empowering applications, she brings a fresh perspective on these sometimes puzzling stories.

Unexpected Love offers a compelling vision of a Savior who meets us where we are and will take us where we need to go. Discover his passion for women. What you read will impact your own relationship with him. You will fall in love with the dynamic, beautiful, and unexpectedly personal Jesus.

Unexpected Love Website includes additional free resources for for study and group leaders. unexpectedlove.org.

Book release date: February 2013

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About juliecoleman

Julie Coleman is an author, teacher, and speaker, focusing on Biblical study and women's ministries. Besides speaking at women's retreats and conferences, Julie has written two books - Unexpected Love and 15 Minutes a Day in Colossians.

  1. Carrie Soldano says:

    Took your book on vacation last weekend and loved it! What a perfect antidote to liberal/feminist blather about how women are somehow undervalued in the biblical narrative. One of my favorite insights was about how the the relational fall between man and woman was restored through Jesus’ work on the cross – WOW!

    Well done, Julie, well done! Look forward to your next book 🙂

    Carrie Soldano


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