My Son the PhD

On November 5, we proudly watched our oldest son, Adam, successfully defend his doctoral dissertation.

Adam has been doing research on the DNA of the bacteria that cause Lyme Disease. He made an important discovery this spring when he found a strong genetic indicator of the disease discernible in the host. The current test available on the market is notoriously inaccurate, frequently giving false negatives or positives. Adam has a patent on his discovery, and two chemical companies are already using his research to develop a more reliable test.  Adam was named Inventor of the Year and later Graduate Student of the Year at the University of Maryland in recognition of his discovery.

Adam and Ruth worked as a team to make this happen-- Ruth has been working hard as a teacher to support the family while Adam went to school and worked on research. She has been a wonderful support to him through all these years he worked toward his goal. We are so proud of Adam and what he has accomplished. He will be looking for a post-doctorate research position sometime this spring.

His success is a true testimony of the Lord's faithfulness, in His provision for this family and His guidance to Adam as he worked in the lab. We give God the glory for this great blessing in our lives!!

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  1. Congrats Coleman Family! This is wonderful news!

  2. Congratulations and praise the Lord for all of Adam’s accomplishments. Looking forward to hear about continued progress regarding the development of more accurate tests.

  3. Peggy Cairns says:

    Know you are proud – justifiably!

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