Helpful Articles for Leaders

Leading Effective Small Groups

Officers’ Christian Fellowship offers a condensed version of their booklet with 20 practical tips on leading a small group. Click here to download a  free PDF copy of the entire booklet as well.


Twenty Tips for Successful Small Group Leadership

LifeWay Church Resources offers this article by Michael Zigarelli instructing on
effective leadership.


Suggestions for Leading Small-group Discussions

Offered by Iowa State University’s Center for Teaching Excellence, author Lee Haugen
suggests expectations and tips for giving guidance in a small group setting. While the
intended audience is secular educators, his general wisdom will profit the small group


How to Lead a Small Group’s Coaching Center gives the basics on leading a small group. Included on
this page are other links to helpful related articles.


The Making of a Good Question

Discipleship Journal ran this article years ago. It is available now as a part of a larger
book entitled Building Church Leaders. The article warns against the pitfalls in
formatting questions. Author Heather Holleman offers instructions in making questions
that facilitate good discussion.


Five Types of Questions

Helpful in formulating questions that will facilitate good discussion.

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