Each of the following topics can be customized to fit your specific retreat needs. Julie will provide notebook contents with fill-in-the-blank sheets for each session. PowerPoint presentations will be used to enhance each message.

Discovering an Unexpected Love

Christ-Samaritan-Woman-at-Well-2-Living-Water-Simon-Dewey-150x1501What did Jesus think of women? Was he insulting the Syro-Phoenician woman by calling her a dog? Did he knowingly humiliate the hemorrhaging woman when he forced a public confession of her embarrassing ailment? Do these conversations and others depict a Savior who was insensitive and even dismissive to women in general?

We will look at four gospel accounts of conversations Jesus had with women. While at first perplexing, these stories show the compassionate heart of Christ for the women he encountered. And in seeing his heart for them, we can know his heart for us as well.

• Life and Cultural Expectations for Women in the First Century
• Going for the Tassel: Jesus and the Hemorrhaging Woman
• Nothing If Not Persistent: Jesus and the Syro-Phoenician Woman
• First Witness to the Resurrection: Jesus and Mary Magdalene


Life Apps:Techniques to Enrich Your Personal Bible Study

scc-try-300x2251Do you ever wonder how Beth Moore or Kay Arthur come up with such great stuff? Do you read Scripture and fail to feel like you are making a dent in how much there is to learn? Are you hesitant to come up with an interpretation on your own? Have trouble finding ways to correctly apply Scripture to your life?

Life Apps is a three session workshop seminar that will equip you to tackle Scripture and come up with relevant, accurate, and practical applications. There are three life life-changing sessions:

1. Discover: Observe the content. What does it say?

2. Understand: Interpret the truths. What does it mean?

3. Change: Personalize the message. How does it apply to me?

Using PowerPoint and audience notebooks originally created for this seminar, I will take your ladies through each of three steps to excellent biblical interpretation: first by teaching and modeling, then by giving them personal experience in using the techniques for themselves. The material in Life Apps will benefit beginners as well as those who have been studying for years. Your ladies will never be the same once their appetite is whetted for experiencing the power in God's Word for themselves!

This retreat can easily be done in house: one session on Friday night and two on Saturday right in your own church building. All that is needed is tables for participants and a place to project the lesson PowerPoint. If the cost of holding a retreat off grounds is keeping you from holding events, this seminar would be a perfect solution for your needs!


Season to Season:
Understanding Our Ever-Changing Relationship with God

Life with God is never static! We must be sensitive to the seasons of our spiritual lives. Using the metaphor of the four seasons in nature, we examine the different ways God is at work in us.
• Spring: New Life in Christ
• Summer: The Growing Season (Romans 12:1, 2)
• Autumn: Dying to Self: Revealing the Treasure Within
(2 Corinthians 4:7-18)
• Winter: Season of Waiting (Psalm 42)


Walking in Truth:
When Trusting God is an Uphill Climb

Every Christian starts their new life in Christ with excitement and momentum. But life tends to suck the energy out of our commitment over time. Circumstances overwhelm us. We begin to wonder how much God really cares or how involved He really is in our day-to-day struggles. This retreat examines truths about God that will enable us to keep moving forward.
• Introduction: Finding God in the Struggle
• Truth in the Drudgery of Life (Noah)
• Truth When We Fail (Peter)
• Truth When God is Silent (Job)


Running the Race:
Remaining Faithful in our Pursuit of God

The writer of Hebrews tells us to “throw off everything that hinders us” so that we might run the race with perseverance. This retreat takes a realistic look at some of those things that hinder us.

• Introduction: The Mud that Sucks at Our Boots
• When Life’s Not Fair (Joseph)
• Surviving the Fear Factor (Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego)
• The World’s Worst Four Letter Word: W-A-I-T (Abraham)


Through the Looking Glass:
Seeing Past Appearances to My True Identity

We all struggle for a sense of significance, something to make us stand out from the crowd. As women, we too often find our significance in our appearance, the cleanliness or beauty of our home, the behavior of our children, or our careers. The problem is a change in any of these realms causes us to lose who we are in the process! Our permanent significance comes from what we have been given in Christ—wonderful hope, power, and a promised inheritance. Based on Ephesians 1:18-19.

• The Hope of His Calling: A New Spiritual Identity
• The Riches of the Glory of His Inheritance: A New Family Identity
• The Surpassing Greatness of His Power: Revealing Your New Identity


The Power of Prayer

Are you a prayer warrior wannabe? Feel guilty every time the subject of prayer comes up in a sermon? Wonder if you are even praying correctly when you do remember to pray? The Power of Prayer retreat takes a fresh look at ways we can make prayer a meaningful part of our lives. After each session, a prayer exercise is given to audience members to help them put into practice what they have just learned. Prayer isn’t something to check off the to-do list. It is the means toward deepening your relationship with God.
• Prayer is important: Top Ten Reasons We Should Pray
• Prayer of Transformation
• Prayer of Supplication
• Prayer of Relinquishment


Deep Cleaning for the Heart and Soul

Knowing we have offended God can become an obstacle to intimacy with him. While we may understand that the blood of Christ covers every sin, even after confessing we can hold on to the guilt. Are you struggling with the weight of remorse? Worry that you are not doing enough for God? Does the thought of standing before the Judgment Seat of Christ make you shudder?

You are not alone! King David struggled with forgiving himself after his grave sins of adultery and murder. We will look at what he wrote during this time period and find how we can be fully restored to a close relationship with God. Based on Psalm 51.

• Cleaning Out the Cobwebs
• The Benefits of a Clean House


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