Single Session Event Topics

Here are some ideas for your single-session event. Julie would be happy to create a new message to match your group's particular needs.

General Audiences:

When Silence Isn’t Golden
God is intimately involved in our lives even when we lose any sense of his presence.

Making Every Moment Matter
Often a woman’s life consists of too much to do and a mind-numbing routine. Remaining faithful to God in the drudgery can be our biggest challenge.

The World’s Worst Four Letter Word: WAIT
God often keeps us in a waiting mode. This is not easy for us, because women are people who like to make things happen!

When Life’s Not Fair
We all have a sense of right and wrong or what’s fair and unfair. Yet all too often, justice seems elusive. God plans and orchestrates circumstances and will work his purposes through every situation.

Surviving the Fear Factor
Women fear for many things: their children, security, and personal safety. When we willingly submit ourselves to God’s control, we can be at peace with any threat because we understand nothing can happen to us which is not under God’s dominion.

Falling Up the Steps: Turning Failure Upside Down
Even with the best of intentions, we fail God over and over again. Amazingly, through our failures, God is at work in us to become reflectors of his glory.

Making a Good Finish from a Bad Start
Most women are accustomed to getting a job done, yet there is a task that we will never complete successfully on our own. Acceptance and forgiveness come only from God’s unmerited favor.

The Secret of Yahweh Sisterhood
Women were created to need fellowship. Yet having the kind of Godly friendships the Bible encourages can be a challenge, because we are all flawed people. Cultivating the mind-set of Christ is the secret to successful fellowship.

Beautiful from the Inside Out
Attractiveness comes from a beauty within. Learn principles from Scripture that teach us how to be beautiful from the inside out.

Dried Up and Burned Out
The pressures in life can sap us of our energy and our strength. Jesus gives the key to an endless source of energy: stay attached to the Vine. Our effectiveness in ministry and all our responsibilities is in how closely we follow this command.

Winning Over Weeds
Jesus compared weeds to sin in our lives. We can learn a lot about sin and how to win the battle by taking a closer look at weeds.

Parenting sessions, suitable for MOPs and other parent groups:

Taming the Monster: Preparing for the Teen Years
Most parents dread adolescence, when they expect their sweet children to turn from Dr. Jekyl into Mr. Hyde. Yet these fast paced, crazy years can be the best in your family’s life. The principles in this message give some guidance in surviving the teenage years.

Strategies to Encourage Your Child
Is your child hurting? Growing up is hard work, the road filled with potholes and difficulties. Learn how to turn their obstacles into challenges by helping them to see God’s perspective on their lives.

Motherhood: Not Just a Job, an Adventure
We take a humorous look at the challenges of motherhood and how God works in us to spiritually mature us through the struggles.

Christmas Messages:

Let There Be Light!
Lights are such an integral part of Christmas. More than pretty, lights are an appropriate symbol to use at Christmas to commemorate the birth of the Light of the World. Learn how Jesus truly was the Light, and how we can live in the light, bringing others into the light as well.

Taking our Cue from Mary
Imagine being a girl, maybe 13-15 years old, hearing an angel announce you will give birth to the Son of God. Mary’s simple faith and determined trust in her God brought her through what would be an insurmountable challenge for many of us. We examine Mary’s response to the angel and find clues to the source of her faith. And in doing so, we can find a basis for our own unquestioning faith in God.

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