What to Expect

What happens when you combine 20 years’ experience in keeping the attention of ten-year-olds with in-depth seminary training? Julie Coleman! Using every bit of her life experiences, Julie delves deep into the Word of God with her teaching. Typically avoiding the usual pat answers, she brings her audience into a richer understanding of God and their relationship with Him. Julie is the consummate story-teller and weaves humorous and touching anecdotes into her messages, creating a dynamic event for any audience. All the while, she is honest and real—unashamed to poke fun at herself—making her a speaker with whom any woman can relate.

Julie will work carefully with you to create a retreat or single session event that will inspire and instruct your group. She will provide visual support (using PowerPoint) as well as notebook contents to help the audience to focus on the material. She can also supply discussion questions for group interaction as well as personal devotions for retreat participants.

Interested in having Julie speak at your next event?  Contact her below.

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